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Storm Raves The rebirth of PLUR

2025 fowler st.
Fort Myers, Florida 33901

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AMIL presents Storm Raves the rebirth of PLUR
General admission

General Information

  • Event Minimum Male Age: 18
  • Event Minimum Female Age: 18

  • From: Saturday, 08/10/2013 at 8:00 pm (EDT)
  • To: Sunday, 08/11/2013 at 4:00 am (EDT)

  • Music: House

  • Dress Code:

  • Event Phone:  (239) 244-5802
  • Event Email:  Edwincruz33@gmail.com
  • Created by: edwin cruz

Many use the word or live by the word but don't know it's origins. 

PLUR dates to the 1990s rave scene in the UK which stemmed from House music that originated Chicago in the 80's. The earliest noted use of the term was by DJ Frankie Bones in June of 1993. In response to a fight that broke out at one of his seminal Storm Raves in New York City, Bones got on the microphone and yelled “If you don’t start showing some peace, love, and unity, I’ll break your faces.

AMIL wants to make this about the music. Underground Dj's from all over Florida and a few of your favorite local djs. This event is for the people for our culture for the djs. No big venue no festival no a warehouse with a fenced in yard. Capacity is 400 max so get there early. More then 10 djs all genres of EDM under one roof. This my friends will be a real rave. 


17 djs all in one house from all over Florida playing the best EDM around.. It's going to be bananas. https://www.facebook.com/events/505699596169432/?ref=14

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